Winter fun

So these pictures are actually from last February when the kiddos were 2 but we did it again.   You take a bucket and fill it with misc. toys then add water and put it in the freezer (or leave it outside if it is -30 degrees like it was here last week)  The next day take the bucket out and give the kids wooden or plastic hammers, (wooden or plastic) screw drivers, spoons, fork, etc.. and let them try to "dig" the toys out.  You can also bring out a spray bottle and a squeeze bottle to pour water on the ice to help it melt.  All great fine motor activities and it keeps the kiddos occupied for a long, long time!!  Don't forget the gloves.

I've also done this in the water table with my kindergarteners. Although I think it works best if you give kids their own ice block and a bucket. Less accidental hammering of your neighbors fingers.
What kinds of things do you do to keep the kids busy during long winter days?

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