But Maybe...

"But Maybe ..." is a phrase I have heard about 100 times over the last few days.  "But maybe the leprechaun is under the table?" "But maybe the leprechaun is hiding at Grandma's house?" But maybe the leprechaun will make another mess tomorrow?"  A sneaky little leprechaun came to visit our house on St. Patrick's day and caused a little bit of mischief and ALOT of excitement!  He put all of the chairs onto the kitchen table, hid chocolate coins, turned our milk green and left us some green juice as a treat!  He also left a mess in the bathroom.  He left green footprints, colored the toilet water green, sprinkled glitter and left green water in the sink.  He must have been inspired by the Oopsey Daisy Blog!  I wonder what he'll do next year??
I guess they figured since the chairs were on the table so could they.  And being a dedicated blogger I grabbed the camera first and then told them to get down. Ha!

Here is a peek at some of the St. Patrick's day themed activities we have worked on this past week!  I have been really bad at taking photos lately, sorry, I promise to get better!
Finish the pattern Cut & Paste

Shake the egg carton
What number did you shake?

Write the number and then add that many stickers

Trace the lines and then cut

Leprecaun beard! Inspired by No Time for Flashcards
Roll and Cover Shamrock- Roll the dice and then use a do a dot marker to stamp that many.  You could also use playdough balls or bingo chips, stickers or simply color the circle in.
These activities can be purchased at my TPT store here

The Roll and Cover Shamrock can be downloaded for free at my TPT store here


  1. What a great set of activities! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fun! So glad the naughty little leprechaun has fun at your house too.
    At our house, he pees "green" in the toilets and doesn't flush!
    Thanks so much for sharing, love the do-a-dot stamping game.

    Pink and Green Mama

    1. Thanks MaryLea for stopping by! That leprechaun sure is Naughty! I'll be sure to head over to Pink and Green Mama this year to see what trouble he's been into!


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