Sometimes it's the simple things

Orginally I had bought this nest to be used as a center piece on my table.  I had planned to add some decorative eggs or something and have it sit untouched solely as a decorative piece.  Yeah Right!  What was I thinking!  As soon as my kiddos saw this nest it was an immediate play object.  Throughout the last couple of weeks they have added foam eggs, birds, little chicks, worms (pipecleaners) and even a dinosaur!  The eggs started brand new, but over time some of them have been "eaten by dinosaurs" or started hatching (thus the foam pieces all over the floor)  I was very happy to see that even the simplest of materials could create so much imaginative play.  Watching them play with the nest made me think of all the sensory bins I see so many bloggers create.  I have never made a bin for my kiddos but I can only imagine the fun they would have.  With only a couple of objects my kiddos were very engaged and played for long periods of time.  I can only imagine what fun they would have if they had a bin full of things.  That got me thinking about making a spring sensory bin?  Looking around I found a few great ones to inspire me.  You've got to check these out:

Growing a Jeweled Rose posted a bunch of spring sensory stations which I'm sure resulted in a ton of imaginative play.  She has pictures of a digging in dirt station, a frog pond station, a barnyard station and more!!

Nurture Store posted about their spring adventures with playdough.  Lots of fun playdough activities here.

Small Potatoes has a post about a wonderfully creative spring sensory activity that any kid in the room would be drawn to.

The Good Long Road has a post about an Earth Day Scent-sory bin.  I can smell spring by just looking at her photos!

The Imagination Tree has a ton of sensory play ideas.  You've got to check these out, there is pulling, and stretching, and squishing, and pouring, and mixing, and digging, and painting and much more.

famiglia&Seoul posted about a spring playdough garden that they made.  They planted seeds and let the imagination grow!

Glittering Muffins posted about making a weather sensory tub.  The soft fluffy clouds look so inviting and fun!

Make, do & friend posted about a springtime tub that they created using all kinds of textures and materials.  I don't know how a kid would be able to resist digging in!  Or an adult for that matter!

Well I don't know about you but i'm convinced.  I NEED to make a spring sensory bin!

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