Unconventional use of an iPad

So for Christmas this year my hubby bought me and iPad.  I love I just wish I got to use it!  As soon as I take it out, within a matter of minutes I have two little bodies touching it and asking if they can have a turn!  And at night when the kiddos are in bed the hubby takes it over!  What's a mommy to do, right?  But that's ok I've learned to share and I love watching the kiddos scroll around and find the apps they want.  They are almost better than me on the iPad!  But one day I looked over at C and she was sitting at the table working on the iPad and then writing something on a scrap piece of paper.  I went over to see and I saw this:

She was typing in letters on the notepad app and then copying them onto the paper.  Not the most conventional use of an iPad but hey she was practicing her writing!  (And she was quiet and busy while I made dinner)  Double Plus!


  1. Oh ,this is great! I will have to try and show my daughter this rain of thought, and hope she jumps on board :)

  2. Wow! Children always amaze us, even when they think they are not doing anything important.

  3. So true Christine, so true! They amaze me everyday!


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