Halloween learning activities

Halloween is always an exciting time for kids of all ages!  Since kids are already excited about the day I might as well use their enthusiasm to try and engage them in learning activities with a Halloween theme.  No sense in fighting it!   

My Halloween literacy and math unit covers many different topics including one to one number correspondence, measurement activities, and more.  I've included pictures of some of the activities included in the unit.

In this activity, we put the correct number of pumpkin seeds onto the numbered pumpkins.

We used tweezers to pull out monster hair and then used tallies to complete a graph.

We used stamps to fill in this number chart.

We measured different Halloween characters like this ghost using pumpkin seeds.  We then counted and recorded the number of seeds on our worksheet.

We practiced making words in our small group center work by moving the pumpkins around to make different words.

As always we read a ton of books during our Halloween theme.  One of our favorites is the 5 little pumpkins book.  The kids love to sing the song.  I made this interactive board that we use when we sing the song.  It pictures a fence and 5 pumpkins that have velcro on the back.  When we sing the song as a large group, I have my helper remove 1 pumpkin at a time.  During small group time I give each student a page and they move the pumpkins on and off as we re-tell the story.

More Halloween ideas can be found by clicking on the pictures below:
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