Keeping Kids Occupied

The weather here has been pretty cold so we have been inside a lot.  The kiddos can get pretty bored and into mischief if I don't keep them busy.  That's why I love doing activities as part of our homemade kindergarten.  They get all excited when I say I have an "activity" for them.  Just don't tell them they are learning.....shhhhh!  Here are some of the activities we have been up to:

I rolled out a large piece of paper and we traced objects we found around the house looking for shapes.  We then counted how many squares, circles, etc.. we had drawn.

I gave them links and had them first copy the patterns I made, then I had them extend the pattern (make it longer) and then I had them create their own!
We used pattern block shapes and sorted them in a tray.
After sorting we created pictures by filling in the pattern cards.
We threaded pipe cleaners into a colander.  Great fine motor practice!
We weaved pipe cleaners through an metal rack. 


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