Tea Party Time

So when is the last time you had a tea party with your kiddos?  It's been a while for us.  As soon as I suggested we should have one, the kiddos were over the moon.  First we made some chocolate chip cookies, because tea parties always have cookies!

Then we set up a blanket and gathered our cups, plates, and tea pot and set up all the invitees.  

As we were waiting for the cookies to finish I added in a little math time.  I asked the kiddos a few mental math questions for example, how many plates do we need if we have 4 friends? How many will we need if 2 more friends come?  How many cups do we need if puppy doesn't come?  How many cookies will each person get? etc.  It kept them occupied and it was a great way to practice mental math.

Then it was time to eat and drink!  The kiddos couldn't get enough of pouring and sipping, and pouring and sipping!  

As Spring approaches and the wet weather comes don't forget to make time for tea parties!

It's fun for everyone!


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    1. Ah thanks! The kiddos are still talking about our tea party. I guess I shouldn't wait so long in between tea parties! Thanks for stopping by!


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