Learning about color mixing with a fun pumpkin craft

Who doesn't like to make Jack O'lanterns at Halloween?  

Create a fun jack o'lantern by mixing colored paint

To make these Jack O'Lanterns I have the kids cut out the pumpkin shape first, they could draw it or you could give them a printed out version. 

After the shape has been cut out I have them hold out their hands and I put one drop of red and one drop of yellow in each hand.  I then tell the kids to put their hands together and mix around the paint and to their amazement it turns orange!  Just like magic!  I then have them finger paint the pumpkin, spreading the color all over the pumpkin.  It's a great way to start a discussion about creating secondary colors.


Next we cut out shapes for the face and Voila, a jack o' lantern is done!

fingerpainting with kids to make pumpkin craft

For more fun Halloween ideas check out the links below:  (click on the photos)

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